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Sun, Sand and Yoga! The coastal state of Goa is the perfect destination for all those tranquillity seekers yearning for peace and the sound of waves around. For aspiring yogis , fetch yourself a great bonus here by attending yoga classes while simultaneously adding an international yoga certification to your resume. Join our 100 hour, 200 hour courses of Yoga teacher training in Goa.

Goa – a true paradise

If you are looking for a hideaway from the harsh European winters, Goa is a brilliant choice. Be it artists, dancers or yoga practitioners, Goa caters to all while allowing its visitors to enjoy the beauty of Goa nature endowed with the greenery of palm trees, delicious cuisine and the friendly dolphins found in the Arabian Sea. Spend a memorable dream-vacation in Goa while acquainting yourself with the interesting and rich culture of India- the birthplace of yoga.

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Goa- a place you cannot be bored with

Goa is very welcoming to its visitors. You will find several festivals being celebrated here all year round. You might also be interested in Goa’s exotic seafood while enjoying the best nightlife here with chic bars, neat cafes and beach shacks along with active nightclubs. Also called the ‘Rome of the East’ Goa has been a popular destination for travellers from all over the world.

Goa- a hub of celebration and festivity

Goa has an interesting history of being a state under the reign of various ethnicities. As a result, you will find festivals and rituals from all religions celebrated and worshipped here. New Year is one such event that has its grandeur highlighted as it takes place on an enormous scale here.

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Why Goa for yoga?

The ideal spot for practicing yoga, is what adds further interest to this most-hunted touristic destination. Packed with a prosperous vedic heritage , yogis here get to enjoy the richness of flora and fauna thereby helping him to delve into their inner being while getting attuned with the divine creation.

Yoga Teacher Training School in Goa

There are various well known yoga teacher training school in Goa, that not only practice, but also teach yoga to aspiring teachers in this field. The challenge here lies in finding the best from amongst them and to confirm how it is the best one indeed. Mahamukti Yoga in Goa has successfully met this challenge while delivering successful certified yoga teacher training courses since its inception in 2015. Today we are one of the highly trusted and reputed yoga institute in India and abroad. Our courses are well-structured and organized while we present a holistic concept through our traditional teachings of Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga. At this yoga school, you will find a great platform that brings together like-minded yogis, passionate about yoga. Feel at home as you join our yoga school here in Goa, with our friendly staff always ready to assist you with your needs. Our courses include 100 Hour Yoga TTC, 200 Hour Yoga TTC, 300 Hour Yoga TTC and 500 Hour Yoga TTC which are Yoga Alliance accredited Yoga Teacher Training Courses. As a certified yoga teacher, you will be eligible to teach anywhere in the world. For those interested in short term courses, we also have fun-filled yoga retreats in store, where you can relax and rejuvenate yourself within seven days –the yogic way.

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Why choose Mahamukti Yoga in Goa?

Best teachers

Teachers can shape the future of one’s career. They lay the foundation to one’s learning. The stronger this foundation, the better the end result in terms of quality. In other words, quality teachers means quality courses which in turn determine the quality of the institute. Mahamukti Yoga has fulfilled this criteria with the presence of certified accomplished yoga teachers who hold master and Phd degree in Yoga Sciences recognized by the government of India. All our yoga teachers here have long term experience in teaching yoga in India and abroad which has enabled them to easily comprehend the view point of students and accordingly guide them the correct way.

Healthy food and comfortable accomodation

Your enrolment at this elite yoga teacher training in Goa will also fetch you the advantage of availing comfortable accommodations (shared or private) alongwith nutritious sattvic meals thrice a day. For the benefit of our students, the school has been particular in hiring dedicated staff who prepare fresh and hygienic meals while being packed with the goodness of health and nourishment. Of course, you can also try the various Indian cuisines and sea food of Goa in other restaurants outside the school. However, if you have a sensitive stomach, it is better to avoid street food. The food available at our school is 100 % vegetarian – ideally suited to yogic lifestyle. For those on vegan and gluten free diets, we do have arrangements as well if informed to us before your arrival here. Water is safe to drink here as we provide pure filtered water for our students free of charge.

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Small batch size

Our class size is smaller with a batch of just 15 to 20 students which enables you to grasp the concepts better and get more personalised attention. In this yoga school, we believe that our students are not just students but family members. We care for you and your well-being while you are here with us as a part and parcel of our courses conducted.


The best part of this yoga teacher training in Goa is that we have designed courses catering to students from all walks of life, be it a beginner, intermediate, or aspiring to teach, or simply wanting to learn for self-development. Join this dynamic yoga school in yoga to experience a memorable, enjoyable and life transforming experience that awaits you.

Yes, this is your perfect chance to enrol yourself for a yoga teacher training course in Goa as you roll out those yoga mats right on the beaches of Goa. This year, complete your vacation and your career preparation as a yoga teacher by adding Goa and Mahamukti Yoga to your bucket list.

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